Things to Do in Tulsa for Recovering Alcoholics

It can be challenging for a recovering alcoholic to find things to do. Everywhere you go, it seems like drinks are being shoved in your face. So what can you do if you want to have a fun time in Tulsa? What can you do that doesn’t center around alcohol? Luckily, we have a number of suggestions.

1. Try a yoga class. Yoga is very beneficial for many different reasons. Not only is it physically beneficial, but it can help you to remain focused and mentally centered. Tulsa is home to a number of great yoga studios including SALT Yoga (, Inner Peace Yoga (, and Be Love Yoga Studio (

2. Go hiking. There are a number of great hiking trails near Tulsa. Hiking is a wonderful activity. Much like yoga, it will make you more physically healthy as well as mentally healthy. Try the Turkey Mountain Park ( or Oxley Nature Center (

3. Visit one of Tulsa’s museums. Tulsa is home to many interesting and exciting museums. The Philbrook Museum of Art ( is a unique art museum that features a beautiful collection of art and gardens. The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art ( is the largest collection of Jewish art in the Southwest. Music fans can check out the Woody Guthrie Center (, a museum that is dedicated to the life of the folk musician.

4. Play an escape game at The SafeHouse ( The SafeHouse is a real life escape game for groups of two to eight people. In one hour, you and your group solve a series of puzzles in a fun escape game.

5. Take a class or learn a new skill. You could try a glass making class at the Tulsa Glassblowing School ( or try a cooking class at The Rebel Chef (

Being a recovered alcoholic is about more than just abstaining from drinking. It’s about changing your entire lifestyle. The way to stay with your recovery is to fill your life with activities that do not involve drinking.

If you do feel you have a drinking problem, please visit our helpful resources below.

Alcoholic Resources
The Village Recovery –
Alcoholics Anonymous –
Smart Recovery –
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration –