Check Out the New Explore Downtown Tulsa Program

Are you a teacher in the Tulsa area? There is a new program called Explore Downtown Tulsa that allows for teachers in the Tulsa area to put together exciting field trips for their students in the downtown area. In this program, students will be exposed to the historical and cultural sights in downtown Tulsa. Teachers from Title I schools that are located within a 30 mile radius of downtown Tulsa are able to receive funding for bus transportation.

The website ( offers many different suggestions for students, broken down by categories and age groups. Explore the Tulsa Foundation for Architecture, the Tulsa Geoscience Center, the Hardesty Arts Center, the John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park, or Boston Avenue Methodist Church with your students. Allow them a chance to see all of the exciting things downtown Tulsa has to offer.

The website even offers example field trips. For example, in one example, a group from Skelly Elementary would leave their school at 9:00 am. They would arrive at the Woody Guthrie Center at 9:25 am and then leave that attraction at 11:15 am. They would then arrive at Guthrie Green at 11:20 am, eat lunch, and leave at 12:30 pm. And they would cap off the day with an exciting visit to the Tulsa Glassblowing school at 12:40 pm, leave at 1:40 pm, and be able to return to school by 2:00 pm.

If you are interested in putting together a field trip, or if you are interested in donating to the Explore Downtown Tulsa program, please check out the Explore Downtown Tulsa website at